City Scrapers CLE

Scraping local govt websites of upcoming board and committee meetings

City Scrapers is a python-based webkit to scrape government and non-profit websites to find out when and where their board meetings are held.

City Scrapers is a compliment to the Documenters (Documenters has not launched in Cleveland); a website that pays people to attend and report on what happens at a government agency board meeting.

The Cleveland Foundation funded a Cleveland portion of City Scrapers in the fall of 2019.

Near and Long Term Goals:

  • Determine how the public is using this and support it so that it can be used.
  • Figure out whether the Documenters will be implemented in Cleveland.

Where we are now:

The great folks at City Bureau have written scrapers for over 80 governmental organizations and bodies in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

A calendar displaying the upcoming meetings has been made by City Bureau too.

If you’d like to add additional government entities (for example, a suburb’s council meetings or depa)

Open Cleveland is still figuring out what our role is in this project, how we could best help, and how this project can help the community.

We’ve also met with local

How you can help:

  • Are you a journalist, community organizer, community activist: share with us whether the calendar is useful for you and if so, how. What information would you like to obtain in a calendar like this?

How to contact us:

  • email opencleveland at gmail dot com
  • twitter