Creating a searchable, parsed Index & Website of Cleveland City Council meeting minutes

The Cleveland City Council, the legislative body of Cleveland, meets weekly. A record of the meeting includes proposals and votes of legislation, bid announcements for city contracts, Public Notices, Board of Zoning Appeal are published weekly in The City Record as a PDF. As of 2018, the city began to publish legislation on Legistar, an online portal.

Long Term Goals:

  • Structured data extraction for dates, people, parcels, locations, roles/committees, and legislation described in semi-structured / unstructured text of council records

  • Scheduled refreshing to fetch latest records from city council site, extract the text, and load it into the website

  • Browsable interface to view the City Record

  • Full-text search of the City Record, with some filters including date, Councilman, and parcel number and a web interface

Where we are now:

  • migrate current code to Python3
  • Assess the

How you can help:

Experience in python and PDF processing (improving accuracy of text extraction and search performance)

Creating an environment to


Accompanying the Drocer website, produce visualization of how laws are passed and the basic structure and procedures of City Council. See this for more details

How to contact us:

  • email opencleveland at gmail dot com
  • check out the code at [https://github.com/opencleveland/drocer]((https://github.com/opencleveland/drocer)