Refund Cleveland

A website for residents to adjust the proposed city budget to their priorities


Participatory Budgeting Cleveland

The residents of Cleveland have little direct power to shape their city’s budget. There is no participatory budgeting program, no budget town halls, and few opportunities for the residents of Cleveland to discuss with their elected officials what the spending priorities should be in their community during the annual budget cycle in February and March. At 530+ pages, the proposed budget is obtuse, requires understanding of City Hall’s organizational structure and not for the general residents to find out what is being funded.

Refund Cleveland designed to:

  • Simplify the budget so it is easier to understand
  • Show where money is - and isn’t going
  • Provide people a chance to prioritize what they wish to fund
  • Provide people with the opportunity to see the difference between their budget priorities and their city government’s priorities
  • Share their proposed budget with the public and their councilperson


How to contact us

email us at opencleveland at gmail dot com or join our slack channel